iPods in the Classroom

iPod in Classroom Training Manuel:

Examples of iPod Classroom Uses Include:

1. QR code decoding
2. Video/Picture Taking
3. Web Research
4. Remote Clickers
5. Audio/Podcasting
6. GPS (geocaching, geography lessons)
7. Downloading United Streaming lessons to the device for mini lessons
8. Numerous Educational Apps
9. Digital Books/iTunes U
10. ESL/Language Support
11. Graphing Calculator by Nagy App,
12. Collecting Data with Google Forms
13. iFormulas - (free) a clean, simple, easy to use mathematical formula application. Provides basics to survive your Algebra, Calculus, Geometry or Trigonometry class.
14. Mild EleMints - is an interactive Periodic Table.
15. Promega - this App provides lots of great information for lifescience, including quick access to molecular biology calculators, technicaltips, protocols, and multimedia presentations.

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