Ways to use 1 iPad in your Classroom

1. Control your classroom computer: Model writing, manipulate examples or 'live mark' their work as they are writing in google docs.
Get away from the front of the classroom and allow children to work live on the board for a more collaborative classroom dynamic.

2. Create mind maps to aid revision or plan projects: Use Idea Sketch (free, simple and pleasing to use) to create mind maps.
Ideal for revision of subjects, but can also be used to plan out projects.
You can save each "Idea Sketch" as an image once you've finished.

3. Use it as your gradebook: Download the PowerTeacher app.. This untethers teachers from their desktop or laptop and allows them to record scores and make observations while roaming the classroom, gymnasium, blacktop, science lab or even on a field trip..

4. Use Dragon Dictate to record yourself or student voices, for quick text.

5. Use the built in camera to video tape experiments.

6. Use Skype or Facetime to make the iPad a phone, great for guest speakers.