Ipad training Resources/Tutorials:
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1. Atomic Learning:
2. Apple’s Guided Tours:
3. iPad User Guide
4. Great iPad tip video

Ipad’s in Education Resources:
1. : A website that explores the use of iPads and eBooks in Schools and Colleges
2. : Scoop,It ‘s iPads in Education (news, ideas, and more on iPad use)
3. Simple ways to start incorporating the iPad into your classroom
4. Bloom's taxonomy and iPad Apps

App Lists:
1. : Good Post on K-5 Elementary Apps
2. : Good List of High School Apps
3. I Education Apps Review Site
4. Anthony's Apps (Anthony Percora's beginners guide to educational apps)
5. 20 great apps to use in Education
6. Tiffany Bloom's HUGE list of educational Apps