What is ExamView?*

The ExamView Assessment Suite Version 7.50 (including the Test Generator, Test Manager, and Test Player) is a comprehensive solution for creating, administering, and scoring tests. The software includes many features to save you time and generate information to assess and improve student performance.

Use the ExamView Test Generator to
• Create a paper test in less than five minutes.
• Print multiple versions of the same test.
• Enter your own questions.
• Prepare an online test, study guide, and worksheet.

• Upload question banks and tests to Learning Management Systems such as ANGEL, Blackboard, Moodle, and WebCT.

1. ExamView Users Manual*:

ExamView Links

  1. ExamView to Moodle Import
    Explanation of installation of a plugin for Moodle that allows ExamView questions to be imported with images
  2. ExamView and Your PowerTeacher Gradebook
    Explanation of how to create a class in examview from an exported class list from PowerTeacher and how to export scores out of Examview to import back into your PowerTeacher gradebook.
  3. Power Teacher and ExamView: Watch this video on how to export Power Teacher Users and import them into ExamView.
  4. ExamView Training Module