Epson Brightlink 101
Troubleshooting and using your new Whiteboard! In the past, you needed a projector and an interactive whiteboard to create an interactive learning environment. Now, make almost any wall interactive with the BrightLink 455Wi Interactive Projector. This high-performance projector + pen combination integrates interactive functionality in one machine, without the constraints or expense of an interactive whiteboard. After your board is installed in your room the Tech Department will help you load your drivers and software on your machine to run the board.


Calibrating the Projector (From Epson Manual)
Calibration sets up the connection between your computer and the interactive pens. This simple process ensures that your computer can accurately detect the position of the pen on the projection surface. You need to calibrate before using the pens for the first time, or if you change the resolution on your computer or connect a different computer. You can use either pen for calibration.

Two types of calibration are available:
■Normal, which is faster and appropriate for most situations (25 calibration points)
■Advanced, which is recommended when you need higher accuracy (49 calibration points)

To start calibration, do one of the following:
-In Windows, click thepen icon in the system tray on your taskbar (lower right corner of your screen), then select Calibrate (Normal) or Calibrate (Advanced).

-In Mac OS, click thepen icon in the Dock, select Calibrate from the menu bar, then select Calibrate (Normal) or Calibrate (Advanced).

After you read the message about calibration, click OK. You see a flashing green circle in the upper left corner of your
projected image. Touch the center of the circle with the tip of the pen. The circle stops flashing and turns black. You see another circle on the right.

Touch the center of the next circle, then repeat. When you get to the end of the row, the next circle appears at the left edge of a new row.
Make sure you are not blocking the signal between the pen and the interactive receiver (next to the projection window on the projector)
Don’t press the button on the pen while calibrating. If you make a mistake, press Esc on your computer keyboard and restart the calibration process.

After you have finished calibration, you can use either pen as a mouse on the projection board or wall. With additional software, you can also use the pens to write or draw on the projected image. See the next section for more information.

Epson Brightlink Rules
1. Never Leave your Projector on, when you are NOT using it. This wastes the bulb life and energy. Lamp life will vary depending upon mode selected, environmental conditions, and usage.

2. Never Ever Put Christmas Lights between your board and the projector... It could cause this to happen:

3. Do not leave the pens close together. On Earlier models this would cause interference.

4. Never look into the lens when the lamp is on. This can damage your eyes, and is especially dangerous for children.


Using the Interactive Pens
Press the button on the pen to test the battery. If the indicator light is green, the battery has enough power.

Follow these tips to use the pen as a mouse:
■For best performance, hold the pen at an angle, rather than perpendicular to the board.
■To left-click, tap on the board.
■To double-click, tap twice. To right-click, tap while pressing the button on the pen. To click and drag, tap and drag with the pen.

Trouble Shooting Your Pen:
1. Does your pen shoot your cursor all over the place? Does your pen work on another board? If not, there is a chance it is broken. Please contact the help desk.

2. Does your pen not light up or work on the board? Make sure your whiteboard is plugged into your computer. Make sure your Active Driver does not have an X on it. If it does have an X, Click on the driver to make sure it's turned on.

If a red X appears on the icon, the computer and projector are not connected correctly. Try removing and reconnecting the USB cable.
If you don’t see the icon, do one of the following:

Windows: selector Start > All Programs or Programs >
Epson Projector > Easy Interactive Driver.

Mac OS: open the Application folder, then select the Easy
Interactive Driver icon.

Check the batteries in your pen. If none of the above works, contact the help desk.

3. Check Here for Epson's List of Troubleshooting your Pen.

On Epson 485 WI: Here is How you Calibrate your pen, if it does not do it under automatic calibration
Try adjusting the pen area manually. Do the following:
  1. Press the Menu button, select Extended and press Enter.
  2. Select Easy Interactive Function and press Enter.
  3. Select Advanced and press Enter.
  4. Select Manual Adj. Pen Area and press Enter.
  5. Press Enter to select Yes. The mouse pointer moves toward the top left corner.
  6. When the mouse pointer stops at the top left corner of the image, touch the tip of the pointer with the pen. The mouse pointer moves toward the bottom right corner.
  7. When the mouse pointer stops at the bottom right corner of the image, touch the tip of the pointer with the pen.

Audio from the Projector:
1. For laptop and most desktop computers, use a 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack cable. Earlier Models came with audio cable for teacher's to use. New boards did not have this cable. Some teachers prefer using external speakers plugged into their computer. Contact Help Desk and we will happily set you up.

: Did you know that your epson's light status tells you what's wrong with the model?

General Information:
1. Epson's Resource Guides and Spec Info
2. Epson's FAQ and HELP page
3. Epson Brightlink Manual