SCA Staff Email Accounts
If you have any questions about your email account please contact Brian Davis or the (if possible).

Email URL for Outlook Web App:

Please View these Videos for answers to all your Outlook Questions.
Atomic Learning Outlook Web App Tutorial Videos are located here:
1. (Using Basic Features)

2. (Logging into Outlook)

Setting up Email on your Mobile Devices:

Here is quick reference for iPhone ( and Android (

This is the basic information you will need for setting up SCA's email on your own mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Droid etc...)

Email Address:
Password: Your current email password
Domain: scsd
Username: yourusername

OUTLOOK for MAC 2011

Setting up Outlook for Mac 201outlook2.jpg
Under Outlook, Select Preferences, Accounts

Please hit the plus button and choose Exchange Account.

Email address: (example
Username is: scsd\vkozlek
Password: please use your current email password


Please watch the video above to learn how to change your email password. You can also watch it here on our youtube channel.You can only change your password in the online email program (not using entourage). Please do this under options, change password. The screen shot below shows you what to fill out on the password change screen.

Hit ok when you are finished! :)

Password Limitations:
>Must be six characters long
  • Must include a number

Setting up Email Contacts
Need to set up a email distribution list? Check out this Video.

Creating Folders in Outlook Web App
In Outlook you need to right click (on a mac hold ctrl down while clicking) on your mailbox name in the left panel. A menu will appear and you will be able to create a new folder.