What is CPS?
The Classroom Performance System (CPS) is a package of software and hardware developed by eInstruction Corporation. The hardware consists of a receiver unit and 16, 24, or 32 response clickers (a custom CPS system can support up to 256 clickers). The software and hardware work together to create and deliver course-relevant questions and standards. Then, the software reports student performance data.

CPS Training

1. : eInstruction's website has some basic training for our CPS Units.

2. Engaging Technology : This website has a great list of Clicker Activities and websites for use in your classroom

3. ei Community: eInstruction's recently launched eI Community provides a resource for educators to check out blogs and participate in discussion boards to find out the latest educational "buzz," as well as to share their high-quality resources.

4. CPS User Guide for Macs:

Creating Classes



CPS Training Videos
1. eInstruction : video channel on Youtube
2. eInstruction Training Videos
3. Using CPS for fast grade lesson option

CPS Web Resources

1. eInstruction Download Page:

2. CPS 2.0 Mac Manual

3. CPS 6.5 Full Manual (for PC Users)

4. Add ExamView Files to CPS, watch eInstruction video here